Montauk Restaurants – Best Places to Eat

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For such a small town, Montauk has its share of top-notch restaurants. Here’s what we recommend you check out. You can browse our three- and five-day trip recommendations below, click on individual reviews on the right, or go here for a list of all our reviews on one page. Cheers!

If you’re here for three days…

Day One
Wake up early or late, and head down to Bliss Kitchen Cafe. Get an extra-large cappucino with hazelnut, or a jumbo iced coffee with lots of sugar and cream.
Day Two
Definitely wake up late this morning, as you’ll be hurting from the night before! Swing by Bliss again, this time trying a Mimosa or Bloody Mary. Try the “Funny Fella!” french toast.
Day Three

If you’re here for five days…